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About Innoform

About Innoform

Information As a sister of Innoform GmbH (, we want to strengthen the European film packaging industry. Not only with well-established event formats (seminars conferences, industry meetings such as the Inno-Meeting), but also with new ways of sharing knowledge (online database, Inno-Letter, podcasts). We complement established offers from universities and research institutions.

The Innoform GmbH supports our instructional contents, with specialized knowledge from the everyday life of the flexible packaging examinations and damage analysis. We are founded and able, to bring new contents into meetings and publications.

With our partner network, InnoNet-partners ( ), we integrate technical expertise, management consultants in our events and industry get-togethers. With modern media and well-established channels of publication, we pass on knowledge and trends.

We are recognised as the interface between experts and expert knowledge for food packing. Areas
Packaging manufacturers
Food manufacturers
Food retailer
Pet food manufacturers
Packaging machinery
Printing ink manufacturers
Adhesive manufacturers
Plastic manufacturers