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Privacy policy of Innoform Coaching GbR


We proceed with all processes of the data processing (e.g., of the elevation, processing and transmission) according to the legal regulations.

The following explanation gives you an overview about what kind of data and in which manner these data are used and transmitted. What safety measures we take for the protection of your data and in which way you receive information about the information given to us:

§ 1 Elevation and storage of personal data

Personal data are data about personal or factual circumstances of a certain or determinable person, for example your name, your address, your telephone numbers, your date of birth, your bank details as well as your IP address..

With the use of our web pages the following data is taken down and stored only for internal system-related and statistical purposes such as:

  • names of the used sites
  • names of used browsers
  • What kind of operating system and Domain
  • date and time of the access
  • used search engines
  • names of downloaded files
  • your IP address

Further personal information is only used if you voluntarily make this available, for such as

  • inquiry
  • registration
  • Business card action at conferences
  • other action

In order to benefit

  • of our web offer
  • of our services
  • of our other offers

if we need your registration. all data we ask for, is needed for the completion of an order e.g:

# Your full name and your entire company name or authority name together with the person or the representative, your e-mail address, your address (Invoice and (If required). address of delivery) and your telephone number.

With a registration for one of our on-line offers you must choose a user name as well as a password; both allow an easier login without renewed data input. We store the data from you for a Customer or participant account that we use for:

  • Orders
  • Events
  • Download orders etc.

recording, and processing. We keep your data for further orders and event reservations, as long as you maintain the registry.

You have the right to check, to correct as well as to delete your registration data at any time.

. § 2 Use, transfer and deletion of personal data

We use the personal data provided by you to, answer your inquiries, for the completion of your orders, to check the credit rating, for statistical purposes as well as for the purpose of the technical administration of our on-line offers.

You can sign up for our e.mail newsletter, in this case we have to store your e-mail address, that we use exclusively for the dispatch of electronic newsletters with information about our offers. They can be cancelled at any time by clicking the link "check-out" or you can cancel in "My. Innoform" then your e-mail address will be deleted in our distributor.

A transmission of your personal data only occurs if it is necessary for the purpose of the contract, for account purposes, billing purposes or if you have agreed.

§ 3 security

We have taken a huge number of safety measurements to protect personal information in the adequate extent.

Our data banks are protected by physical and technical measures as well as procedure measures which limit the access to the information to specially authorised people according to this data protection explanation. Our system of information is behind a firewall to prevent the unauthorized access of other nets which stand to the internet in connection. Only the employees who need the information to fulfil a contract receive access to the personal data.

Our employees are trained concerning security and data protection methods.

Advice for you as a user:

You should never transmit your password for the access to our on-line offer to a third party and you should change your password regularly. When you leave our on-line offer, you should confirm Log-out and close your browser to avoid that unauthorised users gaining access to your account.

If a third party has access to your PC, you should, after the use of our on-line offer, delete your surfing and date tracks in your browser. in particular if you have used a publicly accessible PC, for example, in an Internet cafe.

When communicating with us by e-mail an entire data security cannot be guaranteed by us.

. § 4 Cookies

Cookies are small files that can be loaded from our web server on to your hard disk and are of use for Innoform to receive information about your use of the Innoform Internet site, so that we can make better offers.

We currently use "Cookies" on our Internet sites for the following purposes :

  • for logging in on our Internet site
  • for logging in without renewed password input.

§ 5 Rights

You have the right to receive information regarding your personal data, its origin and destination and the purpose of data processing. You can of course always ask for the cancellation of all your data stored with us. We will then comply with this request within three business days.

If you have any questions on the subject Data protection or Data deletion you can contact our data protection representative Administrator(at)

§ 6 Image data

In the course of our events, we make digital audios, videos and photos of our speakers and the participants, provided that they permit us to do so.

We do this to make the contact and communication of the event participants easier.

Prior to each event and audio, video and photo shoots, we first obtain your consent. On our feedback form and / other ways, such as through e-mail, you can narrow your consent or refrain.

The photos of the participants are stored in a data bank on which the participants of the event have access to but they cannot be found by search engines.

Nevertheless,at any time the event participant has opportunity,to block, erase or inactivate his profile and his profile picture, so that the data or the image is no longer visible for other people, or are deleted from our servers.

However, in the latter case a restoration is not possible on our part any more, even if this is wanted.

September 2009