Progressive flexpack recycling technologies

Friday, 2. December 2022 - Start 13:30, Duration: 1:20h
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Description: You can achieve recyclability of your packaging with basically two approaches: A common way these days is to adapt the packaging material to existing infrastructure. The other (and longer) way is to d... [Show more]evelop a more progressive recycling infrastructure.
We would like to present two very progressive technologies. Will they enable the re-use of flexible packaging materials in valuable applications and replace virgin materials?
Learn about the latest knowledge and available recycling methods in this Inno-Talk Europe.
Target group: Decision-makers along the labels and flexpack supply chain and anyone who wants to find out more about flexpack in terms of technology and strategy.
Level: Level 3 - Previous knowledge is useful
Further information: duration: 1:20h
Event code: INE-12-22

Friday, 2. December 2022, 13:30 - 14:50 o'clock
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