Inno-Tickets - Prices and benefits

Inno-Tickets are vouchers that can be redeemed for Innoform face-to-face events (seminars and conferences).

Your benefit: With the Inno-Ticket you can purchase 5 or 15 discounted vouchers that entitle you to attend Innoform events of your choice (one voucher per participant and day). The vouchers are transferable within a company and valid for 2 years.

The larger the package, the greater the price advantage for you. Each time you register from your company, we automatically suggest redeeming the vouchers. So you can be sure that you and all eligible employees always book at the discounted price.

You save administration and booking costs and maintain full transparency in your Inno-Ticket store system at In addition, we will inform you regularly and automatically about the status of Inno-Tickets and changes in new bookings.

Description Per day Ticket price Savings
5 Inno-Ticket = 5 event days 620,00€* 3.100,00€* 2.4 %
15 Inno-Ticket = 15 event days 590,00€* 8.850,00€* 7.1 %
* All prices are net prices and are plus 19% VAT.
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