Webits - prices and benefits

WEBITs are vouchers that can be redeemed for web seminars at Innoform. A WEBIT has approximately the value of a 30-minute webseminar. However, the value of the WEBIT can vary from webseminar to webseminar and is displayed at each event as an alternative to the € price.

In any case, bookings with WEBITs are cheaper than a standard booking.

The larger the package booked, the higher the discount. Booking webseminars saves you administrative work and reduces booking costs.

If your ticket budget changes due to bookings by authorised colleagues in your company, you will be informed automatically and thus retain full transparency.

When your company books webseminars, we automatically charge existing WEBITs. This way you always benefit from discounted training costs and retain full control.

Description Package price Savings
WEBIT package of 10 345,00€* 3 %
50s WEBITpackage 1.575,00€* 5 %
150s WEBITpackage 4.485,00€* 10 %
* All prices are net prices and are plus 19% VAT.

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