Basic knowledge 1: plastics for packaging

Tuesday, 1. January 2030 - Start 9:00, Duration: 2:26h

Cost: 299,00€
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Description: Here Jan Switten lays the foundations for film packaging and packaging as a whole. Starting with the requirements for packaging, polymers used for film packaging are discussed.Some simple basic inform... [Show more]ation such as polarity, phase transitions and basic chemistry is clearly repeated.The most important plastics for packaging purposes are then looked at in more detail with films such as PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), PET (polyester) and PA (polyamide).Finally, participants learn about the world of additives that are used in practice.
Target group: Anyone who wants a detailed overview of polymers for packaging.
Level: Level 1 - no previous knowledge required
Further information: duration: 2:34h
14 videos
Event code: PAv
Event price: 299,00€ net (plus 56,81€ VAT)
included in the price: Participation certificate and event documents are included. In the case of a presence event, food and drinks are included in the price, plus VAT, travel and accommodation costs.
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