Basic knowledge 2: plastic packaging production

Wednesday, 2. January 2030 - Start 9:00, Duration: 2:06h

Cost: 299,00€
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Description: In these eleven parts you will receive excellent specialist knowledge for the introduction to packaging films and their processing. Blow moulding and stretching of films are also included as an excurs... [Show more]us. Starting with film extrusion and continuing with blown film and cast film production, you will move on to further processing steps such as stretching and laminating. Special processes such as thermoforming and blow moulding are also covered due to their importance and proximity to film extrusion.
Target group: Anyone who wants a detailed overview of manufacturing processes such as extrusion, blow moulding as well as laminating.
Level: Level 1 - no previous knowledge required
Further information: duration: 2:06h
11 videos
Event code: EXv
Event price: 299,00€ net (plus 56,81€ VAT)
included in the price: Participation certificate and event documents are included. In the case of a presence event, food and drinks are included in the price, plus VAT, travel and accommodation costs.
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Kerstin Schröder-Welge
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