Videokurs: Basic knowledge 3: Packaging: the final stage - packing


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Description: Starting with the materials and fundamentals of welding, the fundamentals of barrier and MAP packaging are laid down.
A brief overview of printing is a useful complement to the area of packaging... [Show more] as a kind of excursus.
Subsequently, the filling processes are explained in principle and terms of the form-fill-seal system (FFS) with its variants h-FFS, V-FFS or T-FFS are discussed.
General parts on the areas:
- Specification
- testing
- food law
round off this course.
Graduates get a good overview of what to know about packaging films - before packing in practice - through the videos and presentations.
Target group: Anyone who wants a quick, detailed overview of film packaging.
Level: Level 1 - no previous knowledge required
Further information: duration: 2:29h
10 videos
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