7th European Stand-up Pouch Conference - supply chain

Duration: 12:30h (within 2 days)
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Description: The growth of the stand-up pouch seems to be unlimited. What are the reasons? The stand-up pouch has combined all known qualities in one packaging which interests many stakeholder. Be it that its flex... [Show more]ible film makes it a minimal packaging or that its large advertising space offers marketers great opportunities. However, the often still long supply chains reduce its attractiveness. This is where our conference starts. On the one hand many manufacturers and packers are working on a lean supply chain and on the other hand new suppliers are entering the market who want to make standard formats available from stock. But how does it work with complex composite films and how does it fit into a time of incipient circular thinking? This year, experts from Europe for Europe will illuminate the changes in the flexpack industry and the stand-up pouch.• Which advantages does the SUP (stand-up pouch) offer and which new challenges do manufacturers and packers have to face?• How can the pouch optimize the supply chain of the user?• Which role will recycling play?• What can a European disposal path look like?• What new material combinations and stand-up pouch concepts are there?• How can the stand-up pouch really become recyclable and even more attractive?• Will the SUP be able to continue its success story?Experts and interested parties along the supply chain of the stand-up pouch and the filling goods will meet again in Berlin to exchange ideas and experiences. Take advantage of this unique opportunity every two years to make your decision.
Target group: Decision-makers/Manager of packaging technique, production, purchase, sales, development as well as Key Account Manager
Level: Level 2 - Previous knowledge is helpful, but not required
Event code: PC-10-20
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Stüvestr. 25
49205 Hasbergen, Kreis Osnabrück

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