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7th European Stand-up Pouch Conference - supply chain

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Wednesday, 28. October 2020 - 9:00 | 2 days

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Livestream 595,00€

Mercure Hotel MOA, Berlin, Deutsch / Englisch

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Day 1 Wednesday, 28.10.2020 Day 2 Thursday, 29.10.2020
Breakfast in the foyer and registration
Welcome and introduction to the two days
Adam Page, Smithers
The Future of Stand-up Pouches in Europe
  • Market overview
  • Opportunities and threats
  • Typical products
  • Innovations
  • Five-year Forecast
Thomas Kahl, Mondi Consumer Packaging GmbH
Mono materialpouches fostering a circular supply chain
  • EcoSolutions – the Mondi way to sustainable packaging
  • Exploring polyolefine mono materials and their circular performance
  • Barrier and circularity – a challenge but not acontradiction
  • Best practices and customer examples forsustainable pouch solutions
Break with coffee and tea
Ester Di Iorio, Soulpack S.r.l.
Pre formed pouches compared to form fill and seal solutions
  • The lack of information of the buyer concerning pouches
  • The benefit of small quantities
  • Eco friendly material as a must
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Estelle Gries, BBC Cellpack Packaging - CFS Cellpack Packaging
Frank Filipps, BBC Cellpack Packaging - CFS Cellpack Packaging
New generation mono material stand-up pouches for a better circular economy by innovative technology
  • How does the ultrasonic technology support circular economy
  • A mono material pouch with high barrier - is it possible?
  • How do packaging technologies reply to a socio-economic and ecological problem?
Uwe Couvreux, maropack GmbH & Co. KG
Flexpack between hysteria, populism and reality
  • Paper a hype?
  • Bio as a possibility?
  • One material pouches the solution?
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Henno Hensen, Hensen Consult
Spouted pouches - Forecast and review
  • Technology
  • Costs
  • Circular economy
Hery-Christian Henry, Wipak UK Ltd.
Distribution channels of the stand-up pouch as beverage packaging
  • Overview of beverage packagings with and without pouches
  • Retail and 2Go distribution in comparison
  • Price differentials of beverages in different distribution channels and different packagings
Short break
Nicolas Bétin, Sun Chemical
Inks, functional coating and adhesive - a full package solution for Mono-material stand-up pouches
  • Why inks, functional coatings and adhesives belong together
  • Why functional coatings and adhesives are necessary for many products packed in pouches
  • Examples for Mono-material solutions made out of this
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End of the first day

Day 1 Wednesday, 28.10.2020 Day 2 Thursday, 29.10.2020

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Finale: 4. Europäische Standbeutel-Tagung: Von der Nische zum Main Stream?!
Karsten Schröder
Innoform Coaching GbR

Interview mit Konrad Beretitsch
Konrad Beretitsch
SOMIC Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG

Interview mit Achim Bauder
Achim Bauder
Widmann Maschinen GmbH & Co. KG

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