Film manufacturing processes - Influence on film properties - Packaging film basics, part B

Thursday, 14. December 2023 - Start 10:00, Duration: 2:00h
Online, english

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Description: This part is about flexible film production which has a significant influence on film properties. The three processes calendering (main converting type used for PVC) as well as blown- and cast film pr... [Show more]oduction are presented in detail. In particular, the influence of the processes on mechanical and optical properties as well as costs are discussed. Subsequently, stretching/orientation processes are presented, which bring further improvements of different properties. Typical examples are PP-BO or PET-BO films, which are often used in laminates. In a final step technologies are discussed to enhance the barrier of polymer based films.
Target group: Employees from production, development, packaging technology, QA, purchase and sales as well as marketing
Level: Level 1 - no previous knowledge required
Further information: duration: 2:00h
Event code: GFbE-12-23

Thursday, 14. December 2023, 10:00 - 12:00 o'clock
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