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Innoform video courses are characterised by didactically sensibly structured video collections. The videos are individually produced on the basis of learning content that builds on each other.

The corresponding presentation material is available to buyers as a download package. Since each buyer acquires an individual licence that is valid for an unlimited period of time, you can learn entire sections of topics from the world of flexible packaging independently and without any time or space restrictions.

Biopolymers for packaging Code: BPv
Basic knowledge 3: Packaging: the final stage - packing Code: APv
Basic knowledge 2: plastic packaging production Code: EXv
Basic knowledge 1: plastics for packaging Code: PAv
Basiswissen 3: Verpackung: Die letzte Stufe - Abpacken Code: APvd
Basiswissen 2: Kunststoff-Verpackungen herstellen Code: EXvd
Biopolymere für Verpackungen Code: BPvd
Basiswissen 1: Kunststoffe für Verpackungen Code: PAvd
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