Basic knowledge on polymers - Basics for flexible packaging films, part A

Duration: 2:00h
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Description: This crash course aims at newcomers and those who are just starting in manufacturing, processing and in the packaging film industry (with a focus on food). You will gain a basic knowledge on film tech... [Show more]nology and related material science. The focus is on a sound foundation. Part A deals with the fundamentals of polymers used for plastics films. The focus is on making the link between polymer architecture (how polymers are built) and the real optical and mechanical properties. For example, the degree of crystallinity provides information about the transparency and density of a semi-crystalline plastic. In addition, simple chemical facts about plastics are also explained to beginners so that they can later understand many phenomena theoretically in practice. An ideal basis for all those involved in film production, development and sales.
Target group: Employees from production, development, packaging technology, QA, purchase and sales
Level: Level 1 - no previous knowledge required
Further information: duration: 2:00h
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Event code: GFaE-12-23