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Speaker’s interview: Jörg Kuhlmann about the flexible special features of the stand-up pouch

Jörg Kuhlmann has more than 30 years of experience in the field of packaginga. After his Masters in packaging technology engineering, he joined in the development of some innovative ideas for Henkel and Danone. He moved into sales and became an Account and later a Key Account-Manager at CDE and Smurfit Kappa. He gained a lot of experience as the Regional Sales Director for Siegwerk printing colours and built up a new sales team as the Head of Global Accounts at STI focusing on packaging and display solutions for the top 10 global brand owners.
For four years Jörg Kuhlmann has now been leading the consulting department at pacproject.

He holds a speech about the flexible special features of stand-up pouches together with his colleague Andrew Stack at the 6th European Stand-up Pouch Conference.

You hold a speech at the 6th European Stand-up Pouch Conference of Innoform. What is the main statement of your presentation?

Mega trends have to be considered when developing packaging solutions and innovations. As the packaging wheel is used as assessment tool, all marketing rquirements can be translated into technical requirements.

Which kind of audience to you wish and why?

Brand owner, politicians, material supplier, retailer and converter.

How do you assess the development of the stand-up pouch (SUP) as a whole concerning your field of activities?

Our packaging solutions are based on product requirements. The SUP plays an important role in this development.

Why do you count on various types of the pouch for your packaging design?

Product protection, weight and differentiation in the shelves play an essential role.

What are the reasons for the continuous growth of the stand-up pouch market in your opinion?

Small weight, differentiation in the shelf, high barrier protection, smaller portion sizes.

How do you classify the stand-up pouch regarding the demand for circular economy?

The packaging industry – and especially the plastic industry – has an image problem. The customer has to be informed about the necessity of using packagings. Packaging is not waste, but an important raw material. The packaging industry has to face the task to build up a suitable circular economy.

Which SUP concept did impress you most?

The current coffee pouch with spout is – besides the Arc Bag – a very innovative development. Furthermore, the compostable pouch has to be mentioned.

What do you recommend to a brand owner who wants to start with pouches?

A holistic view and evaluation by means of the packaging wheel, for example, is offered for all developments. The product requirements should always be in the foreground in order to avoid unnecessary arrangements and loops.

And finally a personal questions: What inspires you besides your professional activities?

We have a passion for packagings and we love outdoor activities, like MBT, and we love good food from BBQ.