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In-company training in the flexible packaging industry

In fast-moving industries such as the flexible packaging sector, further training remains a central component of corporate strategy. Various learning formats characterise the market for in-company training, and each has its advantages. Below we compare the options available and highlight how Innoform Coaching’s programmes respond to the individual needs of participants.

1 Web seminars and online conferences

In many industries, web seminars and online conferences are a proven method of imparting up-to-date and practical knowledge. They offer:

  • Current topics: The content often covers new developments and current challenges
  • Flexibility: Participants can take part conveniently from anywhere.
  • Network: The exchange with other specialist colleagues promotes the professional network.

Innoform coaching approach: Innoform relies on web seminars and hybrid conferences. Experts are invited to provide practical insights into specific aspects of the flexible packaging industry. From barrier materials to sustainability, topics that are crucial to the industry are covered.

2 Microlearning

Microlearning makes it possible to complete targeted learning units in the shortest possible time. The advantages are

  • Concentration: Each unit focusses on a specific topic.
  • Efficiency: Short sessions fit well into the daily work.
  • Availability: Content can be called up again and again.

Innoform coaching approach: Innoform also uses microlearning formats. During the web seminars, content is presented in short, condensed units. This enables participants to acquire specific knowledge in a targeted manner.

3 Blended Learning

Blended learning combines face-to-face courses with online modules. It offers:

  • Depth: Classroom-based courses allow students to engage intensively with the topic.
  • Practical relevance: Seminars allow you to practise with like-minded people on site.
  • Flexibility: Supplementary online content (instant webinars) can be edited at any time.

Innoform coaching approach: Innoform also offers blended learning formats. Face-to-face events such as seminars and conferences are supplemented by online resources to create a comprehensive learning programme. This combination allows participants to build up knowledge at their own pace and consolidate it in practical exercises.

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The Innoform Coaching learning formats reflect the diversity of requirements in the flexible packaging industry. All common materials such as plastic, paper, aluminium and their combinations are covered. Through the combination of web seminars, microlearning and blended learning, specialists can expand their skills in a targeted manner and stay up to date. Whether you want to refresh your knowledge, acquire new skills or exchange ideas with industry colleagues, we have the latest content for flexible packaging in Europe. This is because the content is updated and errors are corrected before each event. If a new EU directive is published, we already have the right course with experts from relevant committees and companies.

We would be happy to develop the right format for you – call us on +49 5405 80767-0 or write to us at KS@innoform.eu.

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