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Interview with Hein van der Reek (BillerudKorsnäs Germany GmbH) about the 5th European Stand-up Pouch Conference Standbeutel-Konferenz

You will give a speech during the 5th European Stand-up Pouch Conference of Innoform.What is the quintessence of your presentation?
Why on earth would we use paper in SUP’s?

Which kind of audience do you wish for and why?
We would like to talk to both converters of flexible packaging as to brand owners.

How do you estimate the development of the pouches (SUP) regarding to your activities?
We see a growing demand for paper in pouches. The stretch and strength of the paper make it possible to put spouts and embossings in. Next step is to get barriers / sealing agents in the paper. For non-barrier goods this is already achieved in co-operation with BOSCH. Other co-operations with machine- and laminate producers are ongoing.

What are your recommendations to a trademark owner who is going to start with pouches?
To brand-owners who want to start with pouches we say; consider how you want to look on the shelf. What will your image be?

Which innovations are of great interest to you, especially in the flexpack market – disregarding the SUP?
Development in paper are moving forward rapidly and we try to understand the need of the industry. Therefore we might develop transparent paper, with or without specific barriers.